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Responsibility To Breed

Lately I’ve been wondering what, precisely, I should do about having children. I’ve been married for a little while now, and we’re both reaching an age where we need to go ahead and get the ball rolling if we’re planning on having kids.

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Does God love me even when I sin?

My dad used to build houses. Not a construction worker, but a general contractor. He built these lavish homes at the beach for retiring senators and judges and businessmen. We made a lot of money. And with our wealth came its typical trappings: Toys, new cars, computers (or, what passed as computers in the 90s), and a very large house.

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Masculinity Is A Joke

Masculinity these days is starting to become a joke.  There are a lot of guys out there these days, but not very many men.

Let me explain the difference….

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Is God Punishing Me?

Just in time for Easter! Let’s talk about punishment, God, and Christianity.

Is God punishing me? I wanted to sit down and write a post for the blog. This isn’t really a problem for me, I have been blogging for a long time and writing for even longer. Usually when I want to write the words will just start flowing. If they don’t I’ve found that I have enough “technical ability” as a writer to at least start until my muse kicks in.

But when I sat down and powered up my word processor, I found a very strange thing had happened to me: The words didn’t come. Nothing. I was just sitting there, staring at a blinking cursor.

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Who is your tribe?

I’ve been reading a lot of Jack Donovan lately. Leading up to my re-read of his book The Way of Men, I thought I would go through his archives and read the stuff he was writing before I “found” him.

His writing has gotten me to thinking about the impact I have on those around me, my life, and the things I say and do. Do I act to quickly? Do I speak to quickly? Am I making my words count?

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Does God Do It, or Do I?

I used to write a lot about self improvement. I would write about things like weight lifting, eating right, starting a side business. I wrote about destroying bad habits like masturbation and pornography and different ways to remove them from your life.

A lot of what I wrote about centered around discipline.

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The 10 Commandments of Masculinity

These are the  10 Commandments of Masculinity – the basic rules and principles that should govern a real man’s behavior.  These things should give you a framework to build on and a good understanding of how the different pieces of advice on this site work together.  Read these, and put them in your heart. I truly believe these ten principles hold the key to changing your life.

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Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King – Review

My brother sent me a copy of Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King to read this year. Stephen King is well known for being able to step outside of the horror genre and craft entirely different stories. But Mr. Mercedes is different. Mr. Mercedes is a murder mystery novel, and King’s experience as a horror writer is put to great use.

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The Invasion – Review


The Invasion is a 2007 loose movie adaptation of “The Invasion of The Body Snatchers.” I say loose because the movie is about Batman’s Girlfriend and James Bond trying to survive in a world overcome by alien germ warfare (not pea-pods of people). Nicole Kidman is a psychologist in New York city whose best friend (lol) is a Doctor (Craig). Kidman’s ex husband is … well we don’t know what he is, but he works for NASA! So when a space shuttle makes an unscheduled crash landing in the United States, he has to go investigate.

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Elementary – Review

Elementary is CBS’s modern update on Sherlock Holmes. The show is absolutely awful, and entirely different from its British counterpart, Sherlock (which is an amazing series). Elementary takes everything you love about Sherlock Holmes, strips it all away, and takes the crying, half-dead remains and crams them in a procedural cop drama not unlike The Mentalist.

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