About Remy Sheppard

Taken by Lauren Paige Photography: www.laurenpaige.me

Young American.
I love the outdoors.
I love guns.
Author. Businessman. Entrepreneur.
“Reformed” pick-up artist (I got married)

Obviously my name is Remy and I’m the handsome fella in that picture there. I used to blog a lot about picking up chicks and doing the dirty, but I don’t do that anymore. Partially because I’m married and I stay faithful to my wife (lol gay, I know), and partially because it just gets boring to talk about the same thing time and again.

I blog about masculine self improvement over at a website called Conquering Your Life. It’s pretty awesome, and we’ve got some good stuff going on (go check it out).

I own a website design business called Big Wolf Designs. We’re pretty awesome and have put together some sites you probably read – sites like The Martialist, Masculine Style, and Rule The Wasteland.

I’ve got this domain here, so I figured I’d make it into something other than a forward to my about me page. So I guess I’ll write stuff when the mood strikes me (mostly though I just like having a place to play around with WordPress). Anyway, poke around. If you like something I write, share it around.