Do you enjoy your life? The current path you’re on? Do you like sitting around, jacking off, eating unhealthy junk, and having a dead-end, low-w...

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Avoid Mike from Danger & Play


[Note: This is an older post I dug up. I'm reposting it because it will become relevant to a post I'm writing on the Fear of God.] Tim Lambesis has be...

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Tim Lambesis: Fall of an Icon


She tears his shirt, punches him in the face more than a few times, and wrestles him to the ground. Now this guy wasn’t necessarily the most mas...

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Is it okay to hit a woman?


Big announcement! You’ve seen that I wrote a book (conquering bad habits), well there’s more! I’m writing a second book on affiliate...

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Books and affiliate stuff!

054 copy

Your body is wired to expend the least amount of energy possible. It’s hard wired into you by either God or evolution – whatever you happe...

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Morning Routines


What if I told you that there was a secret to life that every great man before you knew, but that you don’t. What if I told you that this secret is...

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A life-changing secret